Our AGM was held last week and we would like to congratulate the following people for taking up the positions on the Board.
President – Rob Lehmann
Secretary – Tracey Kenshole
Co-Treasurers – Margie & Greg Grima
Football Operations – Daniel Juric
Governance – Sam Visser

Many thanks to the outgoing Board Members – Adrienne Campbell, Kath Kolar and Lee Cripps for all their hard work in the 2018 season.
We are in the process of forming sub committees and thank the following people for putting their hand up.
Tamara Shaw
Adrienne Campbell
Kath Kolar
We will definitely be needing more on the sub committees so please let us know if you are interested.

Many thanks to Lucy Allen for taking up the U14 team manager position and to Ange Casha for taking on the Senior Women’s team manager role.
Congratulations to each of these people and THANK YOU for dedicating your time and effort to Galaxy.

Galaxy is a family and we appreciate all the help we can get.

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