Update on kits


Hi Everyone, the kits have still not arrived in Melbourne – let alone be packed and made the trip to Geelong.
We are not going to be able to do the kit presentation the way we wanted 😔😔😔
The best option ( and really our own option) will be to present the shirts to the players in the rooms, prior to warm up. Your coaches will ask you to be in the change room 15 mins prior to the required warm up time. Each coach and team manager will then do a presentation to you of your home kit. After the game you can then come and collect the rest of your kit (away kit) and hoodie and track pants from us in the club rooms after your game.
We are disappointed that we are not able to present the kits the way we had planned but we can assure you that everyone will feel very special walking into the change room – with it set up like the professionals, with kits hanging up and you not knowing which one is yours until announced. Parents are welcome to attend if we can get everyone in the change rooms.
Stay tuned for a parents get to know you Night coming in the next few weeks.
The girls had bowling – parents will have supper!

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