Kit Update


Hi All
To be totally honest this is the hardest message to write.
After chasing up the kits, they gave arrived HOWEVER they have only sent the away kits and not the home kits. Sizes and numbers don’t match.
We are EXCEEDINGLY disappointed and other words I cannot use.
We will more than likely be playing in our new away kits this weekend – not what we wanted at all and players may possibly not be playing in their correct numbers, kits may not fit properly etc etc.
we have let Puma know of our feelings and await to see what their response will be tomorrow.
In the mean time we may need to use last years grey socks, so in preparation can you please find them from the bottom of the Soccer bag, under the bed or the back of the wardrobe where you put them at the end of last season. If you have any spares please find them to. Girls you may need to wash them and have them ready for Sat ( don’t ask your parents – unless you offer to do something for them instead) and bring them just in case.
All new players we will endeavour to get socks for you, and have told Puma they must get us some tomorrow – so please just wait until tomorrow afternoon until we know more, and we will let you know the outcomes from Puma.
All our hard work and effort is rewarded on that first game when we see you run out on the pitch – this year new club colours, new kits, new home ground – so this has totally taken the shine off for us. However, we know that you will be helping out and understanding of what has happened and that it is beyond our control at the moment. Your away kits do look lovely – so run out and be proud, if the shorts or shirt isn’t quite the right fit – trust us we will be working hard to get it all corrected.

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